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Digital Signage

Outshine your competition with some exceptional digital signage solutions to feature your business, a product launch or increase your profile to potential clients. Avant Garde can add some real “Wow” factor to your advertising campaign and in the process ensure that your product, service or business is totally captivating to the audience you are trying to attract.

Our range includes displays as small as 25cm square up to LED displays of 20m square. You can select from a range of tablets, touch screens, digital kiosks, menu boards, LED retail displays, foldable screens, 3D Holographic and transparent displays, so whether you are looking at internal or external display signage we can cater for your needs. All of our displays can be purchased, rented or we can even arrange a hire purchase facility for you.

The process is very simple:
• Select the display type for your campaign
• Let us guide you with the options of internet capability, video display or still images
• Our team will then complete installation
• Watch your event, product launch or branding come to life and fascinate your clients


Led Displays

High impact displays that will captivate your audience, take your branding to the next level with a wow factor that cannot be ignored.

• LED billboards are more captivating than traditional billboards
• LED billboards can be changed quickly, keeping them relevant
• As LED signage can be accessed from any internet accessible location you have the option of running different content in various locations
• Digital signage can be frequently updated providing significant savings
• Any media from images to videos can be played on LED displays


Foldable Digital Signage

Foldable Digital Signage is a new product that is extremely adaptable, can be installed on a truss, attached to a ceiling or floor mounted and can be folded 180 degrees.

• Ultra slim
• Perfect for retail, exhibitions, corporate use and ideal for product launches or brand recognition


3D Holograms

Bring your product to life with mesmerizing state of the art 3D Holographic technology.

• Stunning visual effects
• Eye Catching – the 3D nature allows an unrestricted view of your product
• High dwell time, the unique free floating display draws customers for the entire duration of the content (usually 2 minutes)
• Individualisation, displays can be custom built
• The media shop can integrate movies and other images to produce a dazzling final content display


Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks can display any media or image and can be connected to the internet if you have wi-fi connectivity. The kiosks are very adaptable and designed for indoor and outdoor use where you can promote your own brand or make them available to your suppliers.


Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are becoming the most popular medium for food operators as a full end to end solution for displaying items and prices.

• Easy to update prices or menu instantly
• Upsell or promote items with strategic dynamic displays
• Day part scheduling to alter menus based on time or day
• Full colour graphics
• Multiple sizes and styles
• Auto on/off control


Digital Led Banner

Slimline portable LED banners are the cutting edge way to promote your product or brand.

• Slimline, lightweight with a high refresh rate
• No PC required, content can be uploaded via network or USB drive and stored on the unit, 5GB of storage available
• Wall mount, floor standing or hang from a ceiling